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Why should I shop at an Impressions Trunk Show?
Every one will want what you have!
Your comfort and beauty are our priority. Impressions offer professional stylists to help you select fashions that are most flattering to you. You are our advertisement. We want you to look your best which sometimes includes telling you if something is not flattering for you.

By shopping at Impressions Trunk Shows you will enjoy Courtier Quality clothing at Designer prices—this in not possible in Boutiques and Department stores because of their over head. Even sale items can never equal the quality you receive at an Impressions’ Trunk Show. Boutiques and Department stores need to mark their merchandise up from 100% to 200%. We do not!

Why do I need an appointment?
Every woman has different needs. To personalize our service we need time to focus an each client's special beauty and fashion needs. By keeping a personal file for you we can be sure that you will always have the perfect thing to wear.

When I go to trunk shows I feel I NEED to buy something.
Impressions Trunk Show is not like any other trunk show. We will not let you just buy something because you feel you have to. We can tell when you are just looking for something to buy-and we will not let you. Coming to the Impressions Trunk Show is to see what is available and to learn what is most flattering for your body type and style. I would rather you buy nothing and feel comfortable to come back again.-We appreciate your telling friends that the Impressions Trunk show experience is comfortable and fun.

What sizes do you carry?
We have sizes from 0 to 18. We have clients from just under 5 feet to over 6 feet. We are trained to fit and flatter every woman.

When will I receive my Clothes?
If they are in the warehouse, you can enjoy them in 48 hours. Many of our styles are very popular and at times need to be re-ordered—you will know when you will be able to enjoy your Carlisle and Per Se when we place your order. Most clients are pleased to be able to have these wonderful fashions even when they need to wait.

What if the clothes do not fit when I receive them?
You return them—if for any reason you want to return a piece—you must return it! You may not have any piece of Carlisle or Per Se that you do not absolutely love and want to wear all of the time.
Carlisle and Per Se will not just sit in your closet.

Do you have Casual Clothes?-I just do not dress like that any more.
Carlisle and Per Se are about having the perfect thing to wear for any situation—Casual to Back tie. In Carlisle and Per Se you will look beautiful, feel comfortable and be confident. Dressing casually is not necessarily easy. It takes special care to dress comfortably and still look your best. Most Casual clothes are not very flattering nor are they particularly attractive. The exception to that rule is the casual side of Carlisle and Per SE. Every one will want what you have!

What are your hours?
Whatever hours work for you—we can start as early as 7am and as late as 9pm seven days a week during the Trunk Show Dates. The New York and Greenwich Show Room hours are 9am to 5pm 360 days per year. The Dallas and Chicago Show room hours vary.

Will I see myself coming and going?
We take special care not to sell the same pieces to people who travel in the same circles. We keep track of what you order in your own personal file this way we keep from selling what you have to your friends.

I am dieting---
Research shows that if you have clothing that fits well and makes you feel good about yourself—you are more likely to loose the weight you want to loose. Carlisle and Per Se are constructed to be altered. We have had a number of Clients who have altered their size 16’s and 18's down to size 10 as they have lost their weight. We have even had several women who went on to purchase size 10 and continued to need to alter these to a size 4. We are currently working with some women who are loosing weight right now.-it is such a pleasure to see women look as beautiful as they can be. Your comfort and beauty are our priority. Every one will want what you have!